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Happy Hippo is now offering products to individuals that wish to sell in a Home Party (or craft/trade show) environment to earn extra income in their community across Canada. Whether you wish to work a couple hours a week, or more is up to you.

Contact for inquiry.

FAQs about Home Party Consultant

What is my start up cost?

Party Pack Kit is $149 which includes everything you need to get started – catalogs, business cards, order forms, invitations & a various retail value of samples.

How long does it take to ship an order?

We are very fast. Orders will ship usually on the next day that it was received with exception to the busy Holiday Season. Please allow 3-4 business days from end of October until Christmas for orders.

What is the commission?

You will be billed total of orders, less 30% to 35% consultant commission.

What does the Hostess receive?

Your Hostess of the party will receive 10% to 15% off orders and 1 to 3 products at 50% off for having the party.

What if I sign up someone as a consultant?

You will receive $50 for signing up someone under our friend finder program.

We are always here to answer any questions you may have either by email or telephone.

How do I pay for my order?

E-transfer, credit card to Happy Hippo. Party guests pay cash, cheque, or e-transfer to consultant.

You are responsible to collect all payments from your customers. Cash & cheque will be paid to you directly.  Once we process your order you will pay total, less commission, on your credit card or paypal that we have on file.

Can I reorder forms?

Yes definitely.  Business cards, catalogs, invitations, and order forms can all be reordered.  Catalogs are $2.00, invitations and order forms are $0.25, business cards are $0.10 for all consultants.

Is the program available in all provinces?

Unfortunately at this time our party consultant program is not available in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories or Quebec. *In Manitoba all consultants must register for a yearly vendor permit through the province of Manitoba (application will be included in your sales kit).

How do I fill out order forms?

This is explained on the consultant instruction sheet.

Is there a minimum I need to sell to stay active?

There is no minimum to sell, however, if you have not ordered $1000 of product, including parties and wholesale combined, within 6 months you will be removed from the program. It is very important to us that you have best success.

Is there a re-certification fee?

No.  Should you become inactive due to not reaching the $1000 minimum though, you will be required to sign a new agreement and purchase a new kit to become active again.

What about extra samples?

Of course you receive tester samples & products in your opening kit. If you require further samples they can be re-ordered at your expense, less your discount. The more samples you have the more you will sell & the more exciting your party will be, encouraging all guests to try our scrumptious products.

What if I want to do a trade show, craft show or cash & carry?

Keep in mind that we are not exclusively a Home Party business like many other Companies. We do sell wholesale to retailers and for that reason it does give our Consultants further opportunities to grow their business. We do offer our consultants the ability to purchase at “wholesale” which means a larger commitment but also more profit (50%). Minimum $250 order, min quantities, no hostess credit, standard shipping rates will apply. Many have chosen both options to grow their business.  *Contact Happy Hippo for wholesale order form.

Do I receive credit for online purchases?

Credit for online purchases is not available.

Am I considered an employee?

You are not an employee of Happy Hippo, rather self-employed & selling the Happy Hippo brand.

How much will I earn?

There is no guarantee of earnings as with any business it is directly related to how many hours you invest and, of course, hard work.

Are all of the products Made in Canada?

ALL of the bath & body products are handmade in our Sylvan Lake, warehouse. All accessories (such as bath sponges, foot files, nail files, etc) are made overseas. We are very proud of our quality, that we create jobs “for working moms” & offer low retails.

Do the products change?

Our main products stay the same as that is our core business, with addition of seasonal fragrances from time to time. Yearly we try to add new products and discontinue others.  This usually occurs in the Spring season.

I live in the USA, can I become a consultant?

Sorry, our consultant division is Canada only.

How do I file income tax?

You are responsible for keeping proper records of your expenses/earnings & to report to CCRA.

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